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Why us ?

At Prabhaat, we understand the resource and budget constraints under which small and mid-size businesses operate. We believe in empowering our customers to focus on what they do best – providing the best service to their clients. Our solutions are focused on solving some of the key objectivescustomers today:

  1. 1) Making profit
  2. 2) Staying ahead of the competition
  3. 3) Managing employees
  4. 4) Keeping up with IT changes

We firmly believe that small and mid-size companies should also reap the benefits of the intelligent business solutions that are available to larger companies without spending huge costs.

For the past 10 years, we have been helping our customers become efficient and successful with our business solutions. Our model allows customers to derive cost savings advantages.

Being a Microsoft Partner, we know exactly what IT infrastructure suits the requirements of clients. Having right IT infrastructure supporting business intelligence solutions is as necessary as having right business intelligence solutions that match the needs of clients. As legacy systems have limited capabilities to support the growing needs and require high maintenance and support, upgrading systems has become need of the hour.

We believe that security should be part of every IT initiative that occurs in our client's environment. Our development team works focussing not only on meeting functional requirements but also security of applications to be developed. Application vulnerability is tested by assessment team to ensure security of applications developed. Our solutions provide business intelligence applications and IT infrastructure in which security aspect is tightly embedded to enable secure functioning of systems.

We understand that in constantly changing business environment, the growth of business is dependent on critical factors affecting business which are of dynamic nature. The ability of BI solutions to extract and present such information in meaningful way is vital for making sound decisions. Our solutions are agile and adaptive to grow their capabilities with the changing needs of growing businesses in this dynamic business environment.

We provide end to end solutions that include detailed business analysis, custom software development and deploying the necessary IT infrastructure to support these endeavours. We understand the nature of resource and time constraints and huge investments incurred in employing different solution providers for handling each part separately. Our solutions and methodology of development and delivery of solutions allow clients to derive cost-saving advantages and saving time and efforts that are expended in deployment of solutions separately by employing different providers.