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TestRight - Online Examination Solutions (OE)

TestRight allows organizations to conduct and manage exams, assessments, and evaluations online, providing detailed and comprehensive result assessment tools, while eliminated the time, effort, inaccuracies, and other costs associated with offline testing. TestRight can be installed on-site, or accessed via Prabhaat’s cloud as part of our cloud computing services.


  • • Flexibility to Design Tests (by assigning weightages to questions)
  • • User Adaptive Tests
  • • Detailed Performance Analysis
  • • Comparative Performance Analysis
  • • User friendly Interface

Solutions for Educational Institutes: Schools & Colleges

  1. Preparing, conducting, and evaluating paper-based tests is a time and effort-intensive process that distracts faculty from their more important teaching duties. TestRight makes this process easy and efficient, giving teacher the time they need to focus on teaching.

    Its benefits don’t apply only within the classroom; by using TestRight for online entrance exams, graduate colleges can also expedite and simplify their admissions process. TestRight features adaptive tests that provide competitive evaluations of participants, and provides detailed analyses of candidates’ individual as well as comparative performances.

    TestRight can also be utilized by institutes offering distant learning programs..

    Solutions for Private Coaching Classes

    With TestRight, private coaching classes operating in more than one geographical location can allow their students to compete against each other, integrating their test results so that students can know their competitive standing at the state as well as national level. TestRight allows for maximum flexibility when creating and managing tests, so the form and function of your exams is up to you. Whether you want fill in the blank or multiple choice questions, images, weights, or even adaptive tests that respond to students’ success or failure by increasing or decreasing difficulty, respectively, TestRight can help you make better tests faster. TestRight

    Solutions for Corporations

    Once a one-time activity, training in the corporate world is now a continuous learning process, and when the training is never over, neither are the tests. With its variety of personality assessment tests, technical knowledge assessment tests, pre and post training assessment tests, and detailed performance analyses, TestRight makes the process of administering evaluations for both corporate recruitment and training programs easier, more efficient, and more effective.