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How we do it ?

Our onsite business analysis team works with the client to analyse needs, design customized solution and deliver the solution coded by a hybrid development team consisting of resources from both US & overseas. Our onsite team works closely with the project sponsors and performs detailed business analysis based on which it formulates a project plan. This plan highlights the approach of how solution would be developed and deployed to ensure timely results.

Business analysis team generates functional specifications based on client's needs and requirements for development team to work on. Hybrid development team develops architecture, writes code, performs quality assurance (QA) and is responsible for all aspects of software delivery. All projects are assigned at least one project manager, business analyst, architect, software engineer and a QA resource.

Our teams adhere to the Agile Process Methodology for software development, which has been proven to facilitate effective project management at every step of the way and ensure that the finished software explicitly meets all of your functional needs. The Agile Process Methodology follows a controlled, iterative development and prototyping process. Throughout the process, we apply our analytical skills to problem solving, and offer our suggestions and recommendations as appropriate. Your team has opportunities at every delivery point for hands-on testing and to provide real-time feedback to perfect the software along the way. This is a collaborative process designed to facilitate smooth, streamlined development and make sure that you get the end results that you want.

The Agile Process Methodology accelerates the delivery of high quality custom software at a fraction of a cost of in-house developed software.

How We Work

On-site team, working closely with the project sponsors, performs business analysis, develops functional requirements and is responsible for overall project delivery. All projects are assigned at least one project manager and a business analyst.
hybrid development team, using the functionaly specs developed on-site, develops architecture, writes code, performs QA and is responsible for all aspects of software delivery. All projects are assigned at least one architect, software enginner and a QA resource.
Efficient, on-time and cost-effective solutions.

Our team works with the focus of embedding security within the solutions they develop. While writing codes, development team ensures that the solutions they develop are secure. Application vulnerability is tested by assessment team to ensure security of applications developed.

Our solutions are agile and adaptive and are designed to ensure scalability with the growing needs of clients’businesses. Architecture is designed in such a way to meet the changing functionality requirements that accompany any business growth.

Our model and process methodology ensures delivery of solutions in efficient and cost effective way. Our solutions efficiently meet all the business needsby providing the client with the “required” systems and tools -neither more nor less.

Our model of development and deployment of customized solutions delivers cost-saving advantages to our clientswhile ensuring high quality solutions. There is a huge investment of cost, time and efforts in buying off-the-shelf packages, then employing one solution provider for customizing, implementing it and another solution provider for upgrading IT infrastructure (to support functioning of the new systems.)

Our methodology allows Clients:

1) To save costs as well as time and efforts that are expended in employing separate solution providers for business solutions.

2) To save costs of acquiring the solution by virtue of our unique model of providing solution that allows cost savings.

3) To achieve considerable reduction in operational costs as a result of automated processes which have better efficiency and effectiveness.

4) To save costs & time as a result of having accurate, complete, reliable, relevant and up-to-date information in the form of reports in real-time.

5) Increased profitability and customer service as a result of tools and reports provided by our solutions and intelligent decision-making enabled by them.