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LearnRight - The Complete School Management System

  • It’s what you’re looking for in a School Management System

    ü Automate tasks that take up staff time and effort.
    üImprove management of administrative activities, that range from admissions to scheduling to attendance, student billing, cafeteria, library, childcare and health management.
    ü Automate classroom tasks, freeing up your teachers to spend their time shaping the lives of students.
    ü Connect with your faculty, staff, families and community – anywhere, anytime.

    And of course, the power to SAVE MONEY – and USE your RESOURCES more EFFECTIVELY.That’s the power of LearnRight’s features and functionality, reflecting knowledge and expertise gained over 14 years while working exclusively with private schools – now more than 2,500 – and listening to their wants and needs. Today, LearnRight incorporates over 200 core features, integrated into a single database to provide instantaneous data sharing school-wide via the web, automating school administration, classroom management, and communication with the home.

    Easy to Implement & Own
    24*7 Access from Anywhere
    Intelligent Reporting
    Integration & Data Consolidation
    Affordable- No Ongoing Costs
    ü Integrated Online Examination Module
    Conduct and manage exams, assessments, and evaluations online with comprehensive result assessment tools.
       - Eliminate the time, effort, inaccuracies, and other costs associated with offline testing.

    Easy to Implement & Own
    We Make LearnRight's Student Management System Easy to Implement and Own
    You don’t have to purchase or maintain hardware.WE provide your servers, hosted in a Fortune 500 data center environment. You don’t have to worry about setup and implementation We provide a turn key system setup, performing all the data conversion and system configuration.

    User Training
    We train your staff onsite or online.  You choose the option that best meets the needs of your school.

    When we’re done:

    ü  You can access all your school information any time, anywhere via the web - linking administration, classroom and the home.
    ü  Enter data only once, and have it seamlessly available to all 200 of LearnRight’s powerful features that need to access or display that data.

    And all the while, we make sure your servers are secure and your information is protected by the latest technology available.

    1. Anytime / Anywhere Access

      24*7 Access leveraging the power of Web.

      LearnRight is Web-based so administrators and teachers can access and manage the data and information they need any time, from anywhere!
      Parents can view homework assignments and lesson plans, monitor grades, attendance and behavior and generally check their student's progress from any location via the Web!
      Ultimate solution for consolidating data from multiple campuses that have their combined schools’ information spread across multiple databases


    Intelligent Reporting - BI Pack
    1. It comes with intelligent reporting system which allows
      you to access up-to-date information about your school’s
      overall health.

      We provide you the Tools to unpack those results, so
      whether you need a concise summary or a detailed report,
      we’ve got you covered.

      In addition to tracking KPI trends and highlighting
      meaningful patterns over time, it features drill-down
      to probe further into that data to identify
      and address critical pain-points
      responsible for
      sub-optimal performance.

    2. Key Reports Out of Box:

      üDashboard: Gives you a quick snapshot of the school's overall
      health including revenues vs. expenses, student performance,
      key areas of concern, etc.
      Fee Defaulters
      Performance Evaluation:An individual student’s or a
      class’ performance over time or wrt different subjects.
      A teacher’s performance over time wrt different classes or subjects.
      Attendance Summary

    3. With such reports containing actionable strategic insights, it doesn’t just help you to analyze; it helps you to act. 

      ü Analytical tools for different levels of your organization, including tools that deliver customized reports relevant to targeted stakeholders.
      ü Immediate access to information about your school’s financial health wherever, whenever, and however you need it, so you
      can make sound, confident business decisions.

      üFast, reliable, accurate information to help you
      optimize resource management and utilization.

     BI Dashboard
    BI Dashboard

    Attendance Report
    Integration & Data Consolidation
    Seamless sharing of data among administration, the classroom and home, requiring NO duplicate data entry and NO data syncing.

    System integration is important to every school. After all, it doesn’t help to have a powerful system with many features if they don’t work together and share data and information.
    That’s why, from the beginning, LearnRight was designed with an Integrated Database that allows all of our over 200 features to work together – to ensure that data is entered just once and then made available to every other area of the program that needs it – seamlessly connecting administration, the classroom and the home. We understand that the entire reason for purchasing a school management software solution is to make the full range of your school’s activities easier for you and your whole school family.

    It’s about reducing both your workload and your stress level.

  • affordable

    LearnRight’s flexible payment plans eliminate the risk for schools of every size!

    Ø  NO upfront license fees
    Ø  NO conversion or setup fees
    Ø  NO long-term contracts
    Ø  NO setup or training fees
    Ø  NO hidden charges or ongoing costs

    When it comes to a school management software solution, all the Power, Integration and Ease-of-Use in the world won’t help your school if you can’t afford the software – or if the investment or risk is greater than the return. That’s why we have done everything to make LearnRight affordable to schools of all sizes. We think it’s just good business to make purchasing LearnRight as risk-free as possible, with no long-term financial commitments. It’s why we also offer PAY AS YOU GO and PAY AS YOU GROW payment plans. We want to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to access all the power, integration and ease-of-use of the leading Web-based school management system.But most important, we believe that our software, service and support are second-to-none and that you will want to stay with us year after year after year.

    We’ve always said that LearnRight is more than a software. It’s a relationship. It’s a relationship that is built on continually creating services and features that meet your expectations and going above and beyond to fill your needs not on locking you into contracts.