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SharePoint Document Management System (DMS)

  • Prabhaat’s Collaboration team helps clients with document management solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint platform.  Our collaboration team has vast experience of handling customized solutions to support communication and collaboration needs of various organizational environments allowing effective content management and collaboration. 


    Sample Projects

    1. Developed document management system that allowed users to edit, store and share organization wide documents with controlled user access and set up workflows for their approval for a client in services industry.

     2. Developed records management system that enabled easier and faster access to history records with document versioning and powerful search tools that streamlined product development process for a client in manufacturing industry.

     3. Designed document management system that allowed users to share project related documents such as software coding and help text standards, user testing rules and other descriptive and prescriptive based content among users for a client in software development industry.



    1. Document Management System for a client in Services Industry

      We designed Document Management Solution that allowed users to edit, store and share documents related to different business processes with other users, with following features:

      1. Create a Client Wise document library.

      2. Create Project Wise folders and navigate between them.

      3. Add files to a document library.

      4. Check out, edit, and check in files.

      5. Maintain Version History of the Files

      6. Set Approvals for documents related to different projects.

      7. Publish Documents to view.

      8. Download Files Option.

      9. Powerful search tools to access the information from all relevant locations.

      Development Steps:

      1. Created a Client Wise document Library / folder, which was at the top of the hierarchy in Document Library.

      2. Created Project wise folders for unique identification of Client wise projects.

      3. Configured the following options to:
      a. Upload an existing file, or create a new file of defined template type.
      b. Upload multiple files / group of files to a specific folder.
      c. Restrict the type of document to be added to the specified document library /folder in order differentiate between the Shared Reports and Shared Document files

      4. Configured check-out and check-in and version tracking option to allow users to track the version history.

      5. Set approval to allow controlled access to documents related to different projects to relevant users only.

      6. Configured publish and download files option through controlled access.

      7. Developed powerful search application to allow users to access the information from all relevant locations.

      8. Designed and developed workflows associated with different business processes and associated documents.

      Benefits: Document Management Solution

      1. Documents & Record Management with IT control enabling real-time collaboration reliable and secure.

      2. Content management allowed keeping business information secured and shared only among the relevant users.

      3. Documents Sharing, editing, versioning and collaborating solutions eliminating the need to constantly email co-workers with updated versions of documents.

      4. Powerful search tools, configured to access the information from all relevant locations eliminating the tedious task of search through multiple drives and folders.