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Business Intelligence

  • Why BI Solutions?
    Our BI solutions allow you to have confidence in the underlying data that helps determine the health of your business while enabling you to confidently take decisions of future growth and planning. It equips you with the right tools and up-to-date information that can help make sound business decisions.

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    Business Intelligence Solutions Framework

    Our Business Intelligence Solutions (BI-Pack) allows you to efficiently access up-to-date information about your business’s overall health while providing you with the tools to unpack those results, so whether you need a concise summary or a detailed report, we’ve got you covered. In addition to tracking KPI trends and highlighting meaningful patterns of increase and decrease within a particular time period, BI-Pack features drill-down capabilities that allow you probe further into that data to identify and address critical pain-points and problem areas causing surface manifestations of dip/sub-optimal performance. With reports containing actionable strategic insights, BI-Pack doesn’t just help you to analyze; it helps you to act.
  • Value Proposition
    BI Dashboard
    BI Dashboard
    1. 1) BI-Pack features dashboards that give you a holistic view of your overall business health and key performance indicators (KPIs), while allowing you to drill down into specific areas that require a more detailed analysis. BI-Pack consolidates and normalizes data across disparate internal systems to give you a consistent and accurate view of your business’s performance.

    2. 2) BI-Pack’s self-service interactive tools allow you to dynamically group and pivot your data using dimensions like region, sales managers, commodities, leases, etc.



    Customized Reports
    Customized Reports
    1. 3) BI-Pack features different analytical tools for different levels of your organization, including tools that deliver customized reports relevant to targeted stakeholders.

    2. 4) BI-Pack gives you immediate access to information about your business’s financial health wherever, whenever, and however you need it, so you can make sound, confident business decisions.

    3. 5) BI-Pack provides you with fast, reliable, accurate information to help you optimize resource management and utilization.

    1. 6) BI-Pack equips your sales managers with tools for sales planning, forecasting, and performance analysis of their teams, so they can do their jobs faster and better.

    2. 7) BI-Pack facilitates seamless communication and allows for real-time coordination between all the departments, systems, and geographical locations of your organization.

    3. 8) BI-Pack gives your customers a high-touch experience by allowing them to access information wherever, whenever, however, and in whatever format they want.


    Bottom Line

    1. Increased Revenue

    Plan, envision, and make informed decisions about the future of your business by identifying and targeting areas that have the potential for growth.

    1. Cost Savings

    Inefficiency is expensive. Make better decisions faster by having complete, accurate, up-to-date information at your fingertips whenever you need it, so you can save time and money.

    1. Increased Profitability

    Enjoy the improved profit margins produced by increased employee productivity, self-service customer portals, cost-savings, and revenue growth.

  • Approach
    Business needs analysis

    We believe that this is the most critical and too-often neglected component of any project, particularly those focused on providing value to the core management team responsible for making decisions about future business growth and strategy. To that end, our onsite team works closely with you and the department teams that will benefit from the proposed solutions to perform a detailed business analysis and needs assessment. After discussing this deliverable and getting your approval, we convert these business needs into functional specifications.

    Project Plan
    We develop and present you with a detailed, comprehensive project plan that clearly lays out the phases and associated tasks that match up with the defined goals and deliverables.

    Solution Development
    Our off-shore development team works on the functional specifications provided by the business analysis team and develops architecture, writes code, performs quality assurance (QA), embeds security, and is responsible for all aspects of the software delivery. We guarantee that all of our products are agile, adaptive, and secure.

    1. Iterative Approach

      Our Rapid Application Development model allows you to continuously participate throughout the process, so you can suggest changes and improvements as the actual screens and reports are developed.

      Effective Implementation Strategy
      We structure our projects so that you can see their immediate impact, without having to wait for the long-term payoff.

      Behind the Scene Technologies

      We combine the power of the Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Business Intelligence platform with the built-in business insight capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint® 2010—to consolidate data from all of your different systems into one fast and reliable reporting solution.  

      We leverage the built-in reporting capabilities of Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012, combined with the power of Microsoft Excel® and PowerPivot, to give you the power to visualize and act on business data like never before.

      We combine the innovative Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Business Intelligence platform with Microsoft SharePoint® 2010—so that users at every level of your organization can quickly and easily create and share reports that provide a holistic view of your current business performance.