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About us

At Prabhaat, we focus on delivering intelligent, secure, scalable and reliable solutions that provide long-term value while enabling our customers to concentrate on their core business objectives.

We strive to deliver synergistic benefits that come from combining the power of intelligent and agile applications running on top of robust and scalable infrastructure services.

For the past 15 years, working across Industry verticals such as Leasing, HealthCare and Real Estate, we have accumulated across the board best practices while expanding our technology knowledge and understanding of business processes.

Partnering with Industry leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix and Salesforce, we are continuously evolving and adapting the new trends in technology while determining how such technology can enable business growth in dynamic business environments.

Our team has the expertise to design solutions that best fit your needs. We understand the challenges faced by the small and mid-size companies in adopting off-the-shelf packages which may not serve their unique challenges and needs.

When businesses opt for implementing such solutions without understanding how it meets their specific business needs and work environment, it typically proves detrimental to the undertaken goals and objectives and results in lack of satisfaction with the outcome, cost overruns and unmet deliverables.

We firmly believe that small and mid-size companies can reap the benefits of the tools and resources that are readily available to larger companies without making a huge investment in terms of costs and resources.

Our team works closely with the clients to assess the actual business needs and deliver solutions that best suit their environments. Our project plans clearly indicate the approach of how such a solution would be developed and deployed ensuring timely results. Our approach also ensures that clients start receiving immediate benefits without having to wait for the long term payoff on their investment.

Our Rapid Application Development (RAD) model ensures that we can quickly find the right resources and tools that are relevant to the project needs. In general, each project team consists of some or all of the following resources: project manager, business analyst, architect, software engineer and a QA resource.

Our Infrastructure services complement the Business solutions team and can help small and mid-size businesses implement scalable, secure and robust core IO offerings that include Directory Services, Messaging, Collaboration and Networking solutions.

Our Clients