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Custom Application Development

  • Custom Application Development allows companies to make the best use of available technology without making an initial commitment to a huge financial investment. Because business departments are typically isolated, sharing data efficiently can be a real challenge leading to incomplete reporting and poor customer service. Having applications that you and your staff can customize to address your specific needs can help streamline individual line of businesses and turn your business into a smooth-functioning, profitable company.

    Project Goals and Principles

    At Prabhaat, all projects are designed and implemented with the following principles in mind:

    1. 1. Development Efficiency:All Projects should adhere to Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Agile Process Methodology of software development that allows for an efficient and cost effective development process.

    2. 2.Implementation Efficiency: Any solution that is developed should not cause massive disruptions in the client’s current infrastructure. It should also not result in significant hardware and software investments but should instead build upon the prevailing IT infrastructure.
    1. 3.Intelligence:Solutions should result in streamlining of business processes and equip clients with the tools needed to make effective business decisions.

    4. Scalability:All solutions should be designed, architected and implemented in ways that allow them to grow with the needs of the business.

    1. 5. Security:Majority of security breaches result from poorly written software that are not developed using security best practices. At Prabhaat, all solutions are implemented following Industry standards established by organizations such as OWASP and CISSP. 


    1. Approach

      Business needs analysis

      We believe that this is the most critical and too-often neglected component of any project, particularly those focused on providing value to the core management team responsible for making decisions about future business growth and strategy. To that end, our onsite team works closely with your project sponsors and the department teams that will benefit from the proposed solutions to perform a detailed business analysis and needs assessment. After discussing this deliverable and getting you approval, we convert these business needs into functional specifications.

      Project Plan
      We develop and present you with a detailed, comprehensive project plan that clearly lays out the phases and associated tasks that match up with the defined goals and deliverables.

      Solution Development
      Our off-shore development team works on the functional specifications provided by the business analysis team and develops architecture, writes code, performs quality assurance (QA), embeds security, and is responsible for all aspects of the software delivery. We guarantee that all of our products are agile, adaptive, and secure.

      1. Iterative Approach
        Our Rapid Application Development model allows you to continuously participate throughout the process, so you can suggest changes and improvements as the actual modules and reports are developed.

        Effective Implementation Strategy
        We structure our projects so that you can see their immediate impact, without having to wait for the long-term payoff.

        The Agile Process Methodology

        Custom Application Development
        Our development teams adhere to the Agile Process Methodology for software development, a controlled, iterative development and prototyping process, which both facilitates effective project management throughout and ensures that the finished software explicitly meets all your functional needs. The fast and flexible nature of our process allows it to be collaborative. Throughout the project we will consult with you regularly, offering and receiving suggestions and recommendations, as we work together to perfect the software. You will have opportunities at every delivery point to test the applications and provide feedback, so we can guarantee that you get the end results that you want. Our collaborative process delivers a high-quality, custom-made software at a fraction of the cost of software developed in-house.
        As your outsource development partner, we will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your company’s greatest challenges from a business as well as technical perspective, so we can not only solve existing problems, we can also prevent future ones. Our tech team is well equipped to deliver you with a system that specifically addresses your business’s needs. By approaching your project with both an onsite and offshore team, we guarantee that you get a personal, high-touch experience while receiving all the benefits that come with offshoring. These benefits include:

        • Lower labor and overhead costs
        • Faster time-to-market
        • High-quality final deliverables
        • Just-in-time access to relevant skill sets and overall staffing needs