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Small & Mid-Size Businesses

  • At Prabhaat, we understand that small and mid-size businesses have to work within a budget. However, we believe that small and mid-size companies should be able to reap the benefits of the tools and resources readily available to larger companies without making a huge financial investment. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing intelligent, secure, scalable, and reliable technology solutions tailored to your business’s specific needs at a price you can actually afford.

    • ► Our SMB Solution: SMBPack
    • ► Five Small Business Trends & Challenges
    • ► How SMBPack addresses these challenges?
    • ► Our Solutions Promise Quick & Quantifiable ROI

    SMB Framework
  • Our SMB Solutions:

    I BI-Pack: BI-Pack is a Business Intelligence Module integrated with existing operational level modules/systems of your
    1. organization. It is a framework which is customizable to suit the unique business needs of the client.

    Our business analysis team carry out detailed business analysis and assessments to identify critical success factors of your organization. They also determine the metrics to measure the these CSFs and then they form the underpinning of the architecture of BI-Pack: the elements that are measured and displayed on dashboards and analytics.

    Our BI-Pack provides reports that unveil actionable insights on CSFs which translates into business action in the form of decisions you must take to be successful.

    II. SMBPack: It is a package of Business Intelligence Module (BI-Pack) running on the top of operational level modules that we
    design as a part of our Custom Application Development offerings.

    1. 1. Business Analysis

      Our business analysis team carry our detailed business analysis and assessments of critical success factors of your organization, business processes and supporting IT infrastructure and security solutions.

      a. Critical Success Factors:
      Business Analysis Team determines the metrics to measure these CSF which form the underpinning of the architecture of BI module of the SMBPack: the elements that are measured and displayed on dashboards and analytics.

    1. b. Business Processes: Business Analysis Team works closely with the project sponsors and the teams within relevant departments that will benefit from the operational modules and performs detailed business analysis and needs assessment. This deliverable is then discussed with the customer and upon approval, the business needs are converted into functional specifications for developing these operational level modules.

    1. c. IT infrastructure & Security Management: Our IT experts/team assess the existing infrastructure and of your organization if they are capable to grow with the changing business needs. SMBPack comprises of robust and secure infrastructure services to complement our BI solutions. Security aspect is tightly embedded in SMBPack to deliver solutions which are reliable and secure.

  • 2. Custom application development: Operational Modules

    SMBPack Modules
    Modules that are part of our SMBPack are:
    1. Purchasing Module
    1. 2. Production Management Module
    1. 3. Inventory Management Module
    1. 4. Accounts Management Module
    1. 5. Sales & Distribution Management Module
    1. 6. Invoicing Module
    1. 7. HRM Module
    1. 8. Business Intelligence Module- BIPack
    SMBPack Modules  

    3. BI-Toolkit:

    It is a set of online tools that we offer are integrated with operational modules to give real-time access to information on status of critical business processes. BI-Toolkit comes as a part of SMBPack and can be implemented with BI-Pack integrated with existing operational level modules of your system. These solutions may be hosted on-site or in our cloud as part of our cloud computing services. BI-Toolkit includes:

    1. a. Customer Self-Service portal: CustRight : For customers to access order status and post sales information through personal space on web-portal.
    2. b. Assessment Test & Evaluation Portal: TestRight: For Recruitement test and training assessments of employees.
    3. c. Tracking Tools:TrackRight: For tracking project status,equipment warranty status, employee work schedule status, resource utilization status, interview status of candidates.

    1. 4. Infrastructure Services:

    Our Infrastructure Services complement the Business solutions team and can help small and mid-size businesses implement scalable, secure and robust core IO offerings that include:

    1. a. Directory Services
    2. b. Messaging
    3. c. Collaboration 
    4. d. Networking solutions

    It makes organizational systems running on top of robust infrastructure, the agility and adaptability to grow with growing business needs.

    Our Security and Identity Management services make our BI package secure and reliable. Application vulnerability assessments are done by our development team to ensure that security aspect is tightly embedded in the solutions we develop.

  • Five Small Business Trends& Challenges

    We understand the problems faced by small business and their underlying causes. Our solutions are designed totarget the critical pain-points causing these problems.

    According to NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) survey of small business optimism October 2012, following are the problems faced by small businesses today

    1. Reduction in Capital expenditure

    Small-business owners are still in "maintenance mode," with the frequency of reported capital outlays over the past six months falling 4 points to 51 percent. Overall, there was a substantial reduction in capital spending activity.

    NFIB Survey Data 
    2. Poor Sales

    Weak sales continue to be an albatross for the small-business community. Twenty-one (21) percent, still cite weak sales as their top business problem—historically high, but down from the record 34 percent reached in March 2010.

    Seasonally unadjusted, 23 percent of all owners reported higher sales (last three months compared to prior three months, down 1 point) and 30 percent reported lower sales (up 1 point). 
    NFIB Survey Data   

    3. Slow Pace of Inventory reduction

    The pace of inventory reduction slowed, with a net negative 8% of all owners reporting growth in inventories (seasonally adjusted), a 1 point deterioration.

    4. Low Consumer Spending & High energy costs

    Consumer spending remains weak and high energy costs continue to "tax" consumer disposable income.

    5. Less likelihood of Business expansion

    The weak reading is unlikely to trigger orders for new inventory or business expansion.

    The percent of owners planning capital outlays in the next 3 to 6 months fell 3 points to 21%. Seven percent characterized the current period as a good time to expand compared to 14% in September 2007. The net percent of owners expecting better business conditions in 6 months rose 4 points to 2% after posting a 6 point improvement last month. But this is still a collectively pessimistic view.

  • How SMBPack addresses these challenges?

    Resource constraints and weak sales are the major impediments to future growth and expansion which makes it imperative to effectively plan and utilize the available resources. To this end, our solution, SMBPack, enables customers to do more with less resources, by increasing productivity and streamlining business processes.

    For effective utilization of available resources, your organization needs to be equipped with right solutions and tools which give integrated measurement of critical business performance indicators.

    Working with small businesses, we understand the exact needs and design solutions which are customized to cater the specific needs. We design our solutions keeping in mind the budget constraints under which small businesses operate.

    We understand the resource and budget constraints under which small and mid-size businesses operate. There is a huge investment of cost, time and efforts in buying off-the-shelf packages and employing one solution provider for customizing and implementing it, another solution provider for upgrading IT infrastructure to support functioning of new systems and another solution provider for support and maintenance of new systems. 

    Our SMBPack measures and presents only key performance indicators which need to be measured. Business analysis is the most critical (and often neglected) component of the BI project especially projects that are focused on providing value to the core management team that makes decisions about future business strategy and growth.

    Our approach involves detailed business analysis and needs assessment to identify the critical success factors (CSFs) for an organization. Every organization has unique business processes and challenges which shape its set of CSFs. That is the main reason why “one size fits all” off-the-shelf ERP packages do not fit the needs of small and mid-size businesses. There exists a huge gap in their offerings and the business needs of small businesses. They offer myriad of performance reports and packages which are often overwhelming and are not directly relevant to needs of small businesses.

    Therefore, it is critical to identify the actual CSFs and the trick is to determine the metrics that are appropriate to measure how the organization is doing and alert the appropriate level of management and employees to exceptions or problem areas. Those metrics then form the underpinning of the architecture of SMBPack: the elements that are measured and displayed on dashboards and analytics.SMBPack unveil actionable insights on CSFs which translates into business action in the form of decisions you must take to be successful.

  • SMBPack measure only those key business indicators which need to be measured in a cost-effective way.

    BI Dashboard

    SMBPack offer actionable insights in the form of preventive performance measures by uncovering the hidden trends in data which help you make sound business decision pertaining to future growth and strategy.

    Static and historical reports, which most small businesses operate on, offer only remedial performance measures which simply tell us that organization is not in good health. However, they fail to provide a comprehensive view or diagnostic information indicating the causes of organization's illness.

    BI Dashboard  

    SMBPack provides analysis tools which enable users to generate reports highlighting meaningful insights that can be used to either prevent problems, or pinpoint the causes of the organization's 'illness'.

    The challenge of Budget and Resource constraints is tackled by effective utilization of available resources. SMBPack enables effective capacity planning and resource utilization by providing measurements of key business performance indicators to help you make sound business decisions based on them.

    BI-Pack working on the top of the other operational level modules and provides users with the integrated performance measures of business health. BI-Pack allows users to slice and dice the operational level data against different key performance indicators to make sound strategic business decisions such as in order to increase sales:

    1) Which customer segment to target?
    2) Whether to go deeper into an existing market or to diversity by entering new markets?

    Users can slice and dice the revenue, profit and expenses data as per different products and resources to compare profitability of different products and contribution of different resources in profitability. This allows them to drill down the data records to identify the critical pain-points causing low sales revenue or sub-optimum resource utilization. Resource utilization reports help them identifying non-value adding resources, elimination of which improves resource utilization and saves costs. This equips them with reliable data to base their future buying and growth/expansion decisions on.

  • Our SMB Solutions Promise Quick & Quantifiable ROI

    We provide end to end solutions that encompass detailed on-site business analysis, off-site custom application development delivered on top of a scalable, secure and reliable network and IT infrastructure which ensure return on investments to our clients in terms of:

    1. 1. Saving costs as well as time and efforts that are expended in employing separate solution providers for business solutions.

    2. 2. Save costs of acquiring the solution by virtue of our unique model of providing solution that allows cost savings.

    3. 3. Saving costs & time as a result of having accurate, complete, reliable, relevant and up-to-date information in the form of reports in real-time.

    4. 4. Saving costs and time in repeated scaling up of the system with changing business needs as our solutions are agile and adaptive to grow capabilities with growing needs.

    5. 5. Considerable reduction in operational costs as a result of automated processes which have better efficiency and effectiveness.

    6. 6. Cost savings due to effective planning and resource utilization.

    7. 7. Increasing profitability and customer service as a result of tools and reports provided by our solutions and intelligent decision-making enabled by them.