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Leasing Companies

Having worked with the leasing industry for over a decade, Prabhaat understands that the best way to meet the strategic and operational challenges posed by a fragile domestic and global economy is to ensure that internal business processes function at maximum efficiency. That’s why our business analysis team has worked closely with clients across the leasing industry to develop products that specifically cater to this need. Our Business Intelligence Solutions (BI-Pack), Tracking Solutions (TrackRight), and Self-Service Customer Portals (CustRight) give you and your customers easy and immediate access to accurate, real-time information, and provide you with the tools to analyze and organize it, so you can strategize and act quickly to achieve your business objectives.

Business Intelligence

BI-Pack allows you to efficiently access up-to-date information about your business’s overall health while providing you with the tools to unpack those results, so whether you need a concise summary or a detailed report, we’ve got you covered. In addition to tracking KPI trends and highlighting meaningful patterns of increase and decrease within a particular time period, BI features drill-down capabilities that allow you probe further into that data to identify and address critical pain-points. It also allows you to create customized reports depicting these trends.

BI-Pack in Action

This is an example of the BI-Pack, when applied to medical equipment leasing data:

BI Medical Equipment Leasing

As seen above, BI- Pack’s features include:

Reports on utilization, revenue, and profitability generated by a leased equipment/property.

Reports tracking the availability of equipment/property and suggesting which equipment/property should be leased to minimize costs and maximize profit.

Analyses of the trends of performance indicators associated with different equipment/property that enable profitability comparisons.

Insights on the profitability of a particular type of equipment/property that help you plan future leasing and buying strategies.

Tracking Solutions

TrackRight allows customers to track various system processes that need to be monitored. Its multifaceted reporting capabilities provide clients with both comprehensive and detailed information concerning asserts, resources, and other entities. TrackRight can be installed on-site, or accessed via Prabhaat’s cloud, part of our cloud computing services.

TrackRight in Action

Use TrackRight to track the status of your equipment repairs. By keeping you up-to-date about the details— down to the current phase— of your equipment’s repair, TrackRight helps you to plan ahead so you can ensure the best distribution and use of your resources. You can also use TrackRight to track the warranty status of your organization’s assets. Staying on top of warranty expiration dates for different pieces equipment or machinery can be a difficult and tiresome duty, and failing to do so may lead to you footing the bill for their repair or replacement. TrackRight helps you avoid these unnecessary expenses by sending alerts to the appropriate authority on warranty expiry dates. It also sends alerts on dates specifying when the equipment or machinery is due for an upgrade or a maintenance check-up.

Self-Service Customer Portals

CustRight is Prabhaat’s alternative to costly and inefficient customer service networks. Instead of communicating through time-consuming phone calls, emails, and chat sessions, customers can have immediate, direct, 24/7 access to their own personal web space containing all the information they need regarding leases, leased equipment, invoices, and usage data. CustRight reduces the possibility of faulty communication by always providing your customers with real-time, up-to-date information, and allows your customers to customize their portal to address their specific needs, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction. Let CustRight help you to lower customer service costs without sacrificing customer service quality.