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Rail Solutions

  • At Prabhaat, we have over a decade of experience working in the railroad industry.  Collaborating closely with various leasing companies, repair shops and railroads, we have developed a suite of tools custom-built to address the industry’s unique needs and challenges. These tools allow you to automate various business processes able to provide an accurate, unified view of the information landscape upon which sophisticated business intelligence solutions can be built. We also provide strategic business consulting to companies, to help them identify and execute business strategies that support cost savings, growth, increased customer and producer satisfaction, and other industry-driven objectives. 

    • ► Our Rail Solutions: Rail-Pack
    • ► Industry Trends & Challenges: How Rail-Pack addresses them?
    • ► Our Rail Solutions Promise Quick & Quantifiable ROI

    Rail-Pack Framework
  • Our Rail Solutions

    I) BI-Pack:

    BI-Pack is a Business Intelligence Module integrated with existing operational level modules/systems of your organization. It is a framework which is customizable to suit the unique business needs of the client.
    Our business analysis team carry out detailed business analysis and assessments to identify critical success factors of your organization. They also determine the metrics to measure the these CSFs and then they form the underpinning of the architecture of BI-Pack: the elements that are measured and displayed on dashboards and analytics.

    Our BI-Pack provides reports that unveil actionable insights on CSFs such asRailcar utilization, Operating expenses with breakup expenses, Repair and Maintenance Costs, Gross Profit, Revenue which translates into business action in the form of decisions you must take to be successful

    2) Rail-Pack: It is a package of Business Intelligence Module (BI-Pack) running on the top of operational level modules that we can design as a part of our Custom Application Development offerings:

    1. 1. Business Analysis

    Our business analysis team carry our detailed business analysis and assessments of critical success factors of your organization, business processes and supporting IT infrastructure and security solutions.

    a. Critical Success Factors: Business Analysis Team determines the metrics to measure these CSF which form the underpinning of the architecture of BI module of the Rail-Pack: the elements that are measured and displayed on dashboards and analytics such as Railcar utilization, Operating expenses with breakup expenses, Repair and Maintenance Costs, Gross Profit, Revenue etc.

    Business solutions should provide comprehensive view of all the aspects of business data. Traditional reports which are historical and static in nature provide data insights on one business aspect only.
    Our solutions provide reports with comprehensive view of business data such as lease rate, lease period, revenue and repair expenses of different railcars to compare their profitability and make sound strategic business decisions related to acquisition of new railcars and lease rates for future leases.    

    1. b. Business Processes: Business Analysis Team works closely with the project sponsors and the teams within relevant departments that will benefit from the operational modules and performs detailed business analysis and needs assessment. This deliverable is then discussed with the customer and upon approval, the business needs are converted into functional specifications for developing these operational level modules.

    1. c. IT infrastructure & Security Management: Our IT experts/team assess the existing infrastructure and of your organization if they are capable to grow with the changing business needs. Rail-Pack comprises of robust and secure infrastructure services to complement our BI solutions. Security aspect is tightly embedded in Rail-Pack to deliver solutions which are reliable and secure.
      1. 2. Custom Software development: Operational Modules

      2. Rail-Pack Modules
        Modules that are part of our Rail-Pack are:
        Repairs Module
        1. Estimate Module
        1. Invoicing Module
        1. Mileage Module
        1. Inventory Management Module
        1. Asset Management Module
        1. Switch Bill Module
        1. Storage Module
        1. Business Intelligence Module- BIPack
        Rail-Pack Modules  


      It is a set of online tools that we offer are integrated with operational modules to give real-time access to information on status of critical business processes. BI-Toolkit comes as a part of Rail-Pack and can be implemented with BI-Pack integrated with existing operational level modules of your system. These solutions may be hosted on-site or in our cloud as part of our cloud computing services. BI-Toolkit includes:

    1. a. Customer Self-Service portal: CustRight: For leasee to access lease information through personal space on web-portal.
    2. b. Assessment Test & Evaluation Portal: TestRight: For Recruitement test and training assessments of employees.
    3. c. Tracking Tools:TrackRight: For tracking repair process status, repair equipment warranty status, employee work schedule status, railcar utilization status, interview status of candidates.

    4. 4. Infrastructure Services:

      Our Infrastructure Services complement the Business solutions team and can help small and mid-size businesses implement scalable, secure and robust core IO offerings that include:

      • a. Directory Services
      • b. Messaging
      • c. Collaboration 
      • d. Networking solutions

      It makes organizational systems running on top of robust infrastructure, the agility and adaptability to grow with growing business needs.
      Our Security and Identity Management services make our BI package secure and reliable. Application vulnerability assessments are done by our development team to ensure that security aspect is tightly embedded in the solutions we develop.

  • Seven Industry Trends& Challenges: How Rail-Pack addresses them?
    ‘Our forecast for 2012 is that during the upcoming months, we’ll see extreme market fluctuations paired by an equipment shortage or excess to meet those fluctuations.’

    ‘Key issues for 2012:
     (1) Having the right equipment for the part of the economy that is expanding.’

    Now, more than ever, it is becoming imperative that businesses equip themselves with the right tools and solutions that provide real-time and up-to-date access to critical business indicators. In the absence of these tools, decision making is not only delayed but may be based upon inaccurate and/or outdated information. 

    BI Dashboard
    Business Intelligence Rail solutions from Prabhaat take you from analytics epiphany to valuable business decisions/action that transforms business performance. Our solutions allow you to leverage the power of analysed data into actionable business insights. These insights are not the historical and static data but are real-time and up-to-datedinsights which make them more valuable for current business decisions. Analysis tools equip users to have valuable business insights in the form of reports highlighting trends of critical business indicators that drive business performance.
    BI Dashboard  

    (2) “We’ll continue to see a boom within the oil, shale, crude and ethanol market, and we expect to see the lumber and aggregate markets follow in their footsteps in a supportive role to house workers and build roads and infrastructure in these areas which, coupled with a booming scrap market, will limit access to flat cars, mill gondolas and ballast rail cars."

    Do your existing tools provide you with the breakdown of revenue, costs and expenses based upon the type of commodity that your customers transfer? Effective capacity and resource planning, for example, requires detailed analysis of trends that correlate the type of commodity being carried to the repairs incurred.

    Customized Reports

    Rail-Pack gives you access to analysis tools using which users can view customized reports. Users can drill-down business indicators data such as revenue, costs and expenses on the basis of different commodities transferred by their customers. Analysis tools in Repair Management module of Rail-Pack allow users to slice and dice the repair data according to railcars used for different commodities by different customers. These reports allow them to compare profitability of different Railcars carrying different commodities based on the revenue, cost and repair data and enable you to act on this insight by making sound future leasing and buying decision.

    Customized Reports  

  • (3) "From the lessor's perspective, purchase prices for new cars cannot be supported by prevailing lease rates unless dangerously high residual assumptions and/or unrealistic remarketing potential is factored into the economic equation. The rapidly changing regulatory and car design environment challenge the traditional belief that cars will be marketable for 50 years."

    Customized Reports

    Business solutions should provide comprehensive view of all the aspects of business data. Traditional reports which are historical and static in nature provide data insights on one business aspect only.
    Rail-Pack provides reports with comprehensive view of business data such as lease rate, lease period, revenue and repair expenses of different railcars to compare their profitability and make sound strategic business decisions related to acquisition of new railcars and lease rates for future leases.  

    Customized Reports  

    (4) "Continued rail-car operating cost increases, particularly maintenance/running repairs, surpassing increases in market rental rates."

    Repairs are the biggest cost driver in the Rail industry. Companies need to equip themselves with tools that can not only automate the receipt and rebilling of repairs, but also provide valuable insights on repair data to take decisions on lease terms and conditions to increase profitability.

    Customized Reports

    Rail-Pack’s Repair Management Module not only enables automation and smooth functioning/streamlining of repair process but also allows users to drill down into repair data to gain meaningful insights on increasing trends of repair expenses of particular railcar type to take timely action to control the situation. Real-time access to insights on repair data allows you to transform business results by taking timely decision on lease rates to positively impact bottom line.

    Customized Reports  

  • (5) "Oversupply of some types of used rail cars in the marketplace. Large numbers of certain car type remain in storage or underutilized causing depressed rental rates. High cost of new cars make it difficult to justify medium to long-term commitments from the lessee community for the corresponding lease rates for those car types in demand."

    Report (RailCar wise view)

    Do existing business solutions provide information on storage status and utilization trends of particular railcar type? In order to prevent underutilization of particular railcar type, business solutions should provide comprehensive view of the storage and utilization data which users can drill down to view particular railcar-wise.


    Rail-Pack's Storage Module and Mileage Module allow users to navigate through the data records to probe into the utilization and storage trends. It enables them to identify the underutilization of any particular railcar type and take smart decisions to prevent the problem of oversupply of particular railcar type in storage. This eventually helps in avoiding situation of low rental rates negatively impacting bottom-line.

    (6) “Doing more with less by increasing productivity, smooth lining business processes and eliminating redundancies“

    Ineffective & inefficient business processes cause wastage of resources such as time, money and human efforts. Labour intensive manual processes are the major consumption hubs of the organizational resources as huge costs are incurred due to involvement of large number of manual labor.Automation of ineffective business processes not only makes them faster but also amplifies their negative effects.

    Rail-Pack works by adding value in your business processes and increasing their effectiveness and efficiency.  Our approach includes detailed analysis of business processes to identify the most critical pain-points in business processes and design solutions to eliminate them. Streamlined business processes help in increasing productivity of the users and eliminate redundancies of processes.

  • Our Rail Solutions Promise Quick & Quantifiable ROI

    We provide end to end solutions that encompass detailed on-site business analysis, off-site custom software development delivered on top of a scalable, secure and reliable network and IT infrastructure which ensure return on investments to our clients in terms of:

    1. 1. Saving costs as well as time and efforts that are expended in employing separate solution providers for business solutions.

    2. 2. Save costs of acquiring the solution by virtue of our unique model of providing solution that allows cost savings.

    3. 3. Saving costs & time as a result of having accurate, complete, reliable, relevant and up-to-date information in the form of reports in real-time.

    4. 4. Saving costs and time in repeated scaling up of the system with changing business needs as our solutions are agile and adaptive to grow capabilities with growing needs.

    5. 5. Considerable reduction in operational costs as a result of automated processes which have better efficiency and effectiveness.

    6. 6. Cost savings due to effective planning and resource utilization.

    7. 7. Increasing profitability and customer service as a result of tools and reports provided by our solutions and intelligent decision-making enabled by them.