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Real-Estate Sector

To compete in today’s business environment, real estate companies need easy and immediate access to up-to-date, quality information and actionable insights about key performance indicators (KPIs) to efficiently analyze business health and strategize for future growth. However, property management and accounting systems often fail to provide this information with the speed, clarity, and detail that businesses need to function effectively. Existing systems are plagued by:

  • ► Limited analytic capabilities (adding, editing, and deleting single records) that make them inadequate for portfolio-level data aggregation and analysis,

  • ► Historical and static reports incapable of uncovering valuable insights for future strategies and decisions, and
  • an over-dependence on spreadsheets to collect and dissect data, resulting in processes that are labor-intensive, error-prone, and difficult to scale.

  • ► Prabhaat’s interactive analysis and reporting tools correct these short-comings by simplifying and accelerating the process of data aggregation and analysis, so you can quickly assemble, analyze, and share information.

Business Intelligence Solutions
Our Business Intelligence Solutions allows you to efficiently access up-to-date information about your business’s overall health while providing you with the tools to unpack those results, so whether you need a concise summary or a detailed report, we’ve got you covered. In addition to tracking KPI trends and highlighting meaningful patterns of increase and decrease within a particular time period, BI features drill-down capabilities that allow you probe further into that data to identify and address critical pain-points. It also allows you to create customized reports depicting these trends.

BI’s features include:

  • 1) Reports on asset occupancy, revenue and profitability generated by different properties

    2) Reports with the ability to divide and sort revenue and profitability data by property type, unit of area, customer account, and region

    3) Reports showing the availability of property as per period of lease expiry, and suggesting which property should be sold/leased to minimize costs and maximize profit. ►

    4) Analyses of the trends of performance indicators associated with different assets that enable profitability comparisons. Insights on the profitability of particular property types that help you plan future buying strategies.

    5) Insights illustrating which customer segments would be profitable to develop business relations with in the future.

    6) Insights on customer expectations comparing the demand for different property types.

BI Real Estate

Self-Service Portal

Among the greatest challenges thatreal estate companies face is that of maintaining excellent customer service while cutting costs (and resources). As complex business processes produce increasing amounts of data, greater numbers of personnel are needed to handle it, resulting in higher costs and even more steps between dealers and the relevant information they need.

However, Prabhaat has a solution. No longer must companies rely on time-consuming phone calls, emails, and chat sessions to communicate with their dealers. Prabhaat’s Self-Service Portal offers an alternative to these costly and inefficient customer service networks by cutting out the middle step. Now dealers can access real-time information via their own personal web space wherever, whenever, and however they need it, saving them time and you money.

What does a Self-Service Portal do?

It provides your dealers with instant access to all their customer contract data, such as total property rented, rental type description, start and expiration dates, corresponding rental rates, and contract documents

► It keeps your dealers easily and expediently informed by providing a summary of all contract information relating to rental property, including rental status, rate, capacity, and unit size and location.

► It allows dealers to view and download electronic copies of rental invoices and rental property summary statements issued within the last year.

► It’s easy to navigate, allowing your dealers to limit their searches by type, contract names, due dates, etc.

► It allows dealers to download property usage data every month. This data is compatible with internal systems, and can also be filtered on a contract-by-contract basis, if desired.

► It provides contact information so dealers can reach out to representatives for support with questions related to contracts, rental property invoices, or contract documents.

Four reasons to use Prabhaat’s Self-Service Portal:

  • 1. Lower service cost
  • 2. 24/7 access
  • 3. Accurate, up-to-date information
  • 4. Enhanced customer satisfaction and acquisition