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TrackRight – Online Tracking Solutions

TrackRight allows customers across a broad spectrum of industries to track various system processes that need to be monitored. Its multifaceted reporting capabilities provide clients with both comprehensive and detailed information concerning asserts, resources, and other entities. TrackRight can be installed on-site, or accessed via Prabhaat’s cloud as part of our cloud computing services.

TrackRight for Project Management

  • TrackRight
    TrackRight gives you instant access to information about your project’s status, so you can evaluate its progress and make corrections on a daily basis to ensure that your project is finished on time and within its budget. Rather than relying on the labor-intensive process of tracking each aspect of your project via email, TrackRight allows your staff to update their statuses online, and then compiles this data into a comprehensive report, so you can view the status of your project as a whole as well as by its individual parts.

TrackRight for Order Processing

TrackRight keeps your customers up-to-date on the status of their orders and allows them to notify you in they need deliveries by a particular date, so you can provide excellent customer service without having to pay someone to answer phone calls and emails. TrackRight can also be integrated with transportation company’s tracking systems.

TrackRight for Recruitment

TrackRight can be integrated with HR modules to track your recruitment process. It both keeps you informed, providing you with a comprehensive view of the interview status of all candidates, and helps you to manage the process, sending automated updates to candidates and interviewers whenever you reschedule interviews.

TrackRight for Equipment Warranty Status

TrackRight can help you track the warranty status of your organization’s assets. Staying on top of warranty expiration dates for different pieces of equipment or machinery can be a difficult and tiresome duty, and failing to do so may lead to you footing the bill for their repair or replacement. TrackRight helps you avoid these unnecessary expenses by sending alerts to the appropriate authority on warranty expiry dates. It also sends alerts on dates specifying when the equipment or machinery is due for an upgrade or a maintenance check-up.   

TrackRight for Time Tracking

TrackRight makes the process of tracking your employees’ hours and managing their work schedules easier and more efficient, keeping you informed as to who is scheduled to work when, and allowing you to adjust these schedules to account for employee time off and other absences.

TrackRight for Tracking Resources

TrackRight can be integrated with the systems of third parties like vendors to track the status of required resources and to plan production schedules accordingly. In addition to monitoring the status of your deliveries, TrackRight can help you avoid idle production hours by arranging for alternate suppliers in the case of a delay.