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Infrastructure Services

  • Staying on top of technological trends can be challenging in today’s business environment, particularly with outdated and inflexible legacy systems incapable of adapting to new innovations. Increasingly, companies looking to maximize efficiency through rationalization, consolidation, and standardization, have realized the value of upgrading their infrastructures to dynamic systems capable not only of adapting to these new trends and technologies like cloud computing and on-demand IT environments, but also of streamlining and accelerating their business processes. Our Infrastructure Services (IS) provide you with end-to-end, adaptable, and reliable solutions guaranteed to increase efficiency and flexibility, while also addressing your company’s specific needs. Whether you’re looking to work within your existing system or develop an entirely new one, our IS team will work closely with you to determine how our products and services can help you transform your infrastructure and your business.

    Core Services

    We think of our core services as the “plumbing layer.” They take care of everything needed to ensure reliable and uninterrupted functioning of services like messaging, collaboration, virtualization, etc. Our core services include:

    1) Active Directory Services
    2) File and Print Services
    3) Certificate Services 

    Virtualization Services

    Using Virtualization services such as Microsoft Hyper-v and VMWare, we design robust and flexible infrastructures that free your management to allocate IT resources as needed. We reduce IT costs by reducing IT complexityand minimizing downtime and data loss and theft.

    Enterprise Systems Management

    Our enterprise systems management service monitors your business systems to determine their overall health. Using the latest tools and processes, we design and implement an effective ESM solution that regularly checks your servers, mainframes, storage devices, and applications, wherever they reside. Our ESM services include:

    1. 1) Consulting
    2. 2) Design and deployment
    3. 3) End-to-end managed services
    4. 4) Service management


  • Messaging and Collaboration

    With Microsoft’s Unified Communications Platform, Prabhaat’s Microsoft experts make it easy for you and your team to contact each other anytime, anywhere. We will help you unify every incoming and outgoing communication method your businesses uses, whether it’s voice, video conferencing, email, voicemail, visual voicemail, fax, landlines, VoIP calls, or instant messaging, so you can respond to your clients and to each other faster and more easily across every desktop and device.

    Identity Management

    Deployed well, Identity and Access Management (IAM) processes enable you to control costs, improve agility and security, and to do more with less. Prabhaat’s IAM services will help you experience these benefits by:

    • 1) Developing enterprise strategies and advising executive decision-makers;
    • 2) Designing and implementing flexible automated solutions for the on-boarding, day-to-day management and off-boarding of employees, contractors and external entities.
    • 3) Password management and Single Sign On (SSO).

    Security Planning & Architecture

    Security is a fast-growing concern in today’s business environment. As hackers grow more adept at infiltrating security systems, it has become increasingly important that companies reinforce security at every level, from your server to your software applications to the personnel who use them. At Prabhaat, we believe that security should be a part of every IT initiative. That’s why we submit all our applications to vulnerability assessments, assist with web security design and planning, conduct a comprehensive risk assessment for major projects, and educate your employees on effective security policies, to guarantee that your software is secure and in capable hands.