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We believe that consulting services are a critical and too-often neglected component of any IT project, which is why we always begin ours by working closely with you to perform a detailed business analysis and needs assessment before moving on to software architecture and development. We think everyone should have access to this important first step. That’s why we offer our consulting services as stand-alone services as well as part of our BI package, so no matter who develops and implements your solutions, you can begin your process with a thorough business analysis that will give you clarity as to how to proceed. Our business analysis team has spent the past 15 years working with companies across many industries, perfecting their practices, expanding and polishing their IT knowledge, and deepening their understanding of business processes. Let our experts offer you their experienced, fresh perspective, so you can know your business better.

We offer consulting services as a part of BI package as well as stand-alone services in following areas:

I. Business Intelligence

Our business analysis team conducts a detailed business analysis and needs assessment to identify the critical success factors (CSFs) of your organization, its critical pain points, and their sources. After determining which metrics to use to measure these CSFs, they discuss their findings with you and present a plan for how/which IT solutions would best address your business’s needs. This plan would serve as the foundation for the architecture of these solutions, should you choose to proceed based on their recommendations.

  1. II. Business Process

As with our BI consulting process, our business analysis team begins by conducting a detailed business analysis and needs assessment, this time to assess the state of your business processes in particular, how they affect the health of your organization, and how we could reduce their inefficiencies and better automate them. They then present you with a needs analysis report and functional specifications for solutions that would address these needs, which you can give to the provider of your choice as you proceed with the project.

  1. III. Security

Our team of experts assesses the security of your existing systems and suggests solutions to the problems they identify. We also assist you with application vulnerability assessments, web security design and planning, and comprehensive risk assessments for major projects.

  1. IV. Identity

Our team of experts offers you consulting advice on how to best take advantage of Identity and Access Management services, so you can control costs, improve agility and security, and do more with less.